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Heron Preston x NASA: END Shoots a Special Editorial

    Heron Preston x NASA

    The Heron Preston x NASA collection is the latest from the eclectic brand’s Fall/ Winter 2018 offerings. Once again, the thoughtful work of Preston brings something new to the discourse around fashion.

    Speaking Streetwear

    The whole idea behind streetwear is one that is as old as the industry itself: making a statement. From the boldest outfits to the most conservative get-ups, it’s all speech.

    Preston is no stranger to this concept. In fact, he continues to deploy it as a central element of his work. Much like Virgil Abloh, Heron Preston has the distinction of wearing many hats.

    He’s a DJ, a designer, content creator, and creative director – just to name a few. As a result, Preston finds himself in a very particular state of mind when these worlds collide. He often makes connections between the different facets of his life, bringing his eye for design and entrepreneurial hustle together with a streetwear flair.

    Wandering Eye

    He is constantly taking inspiration from the world around him. This would be a bit of a cliche had it not been for his unique approach. For example, consider Preston’s work with the New York Sanitation Department. The genre-bending collection is hardly something one pulls out of thin air.

    Preston finds his inspiration this case when a plastic shopping bag brushes by his arm as he’s taking an ocean swim. In a similar way, the Heron Preston x NASA collection takes note of the world around the designer. Well, sort of.

    In Space

    The Heron Preston x NASA collection is the product of Preston’s focus on waste management. His personal connection – the swim – continues to drive this inspiration further.

    This time, he has his mind set on a different sort of pollution problem: space waste. It seems the imagination of a fashion designer knows no real bounds.

    Heron Preston x NASA is not the first focus on space waste in the United States. As it turns out, NASA has a massive amount of research and development dedicated to that very topic. In 1978, a report by NASA scientist Donald Kessler lets us know that there are half a million pieces of debris floating around the Earth.

    Facts like this prompt the motivation behind the collection but it gets even more special when we take a closer look.

    The Collection

    In an editorial by the good folks over at END, we see just how much of Preston’s creativity shines through here. The Heron Preston x NASA drop boasts plenty of visual ambition, highlighted by the High Tech Parka. Aside from its clean form, this tank of a garment includes in its construction elements such as glass microbeads and polyamides.

    If you’re looking for something a bit more lowkey, the Heron Preston Tee and Heron Preston Hoodie offer some of the distinctive stylings without breaking the bank – including loose fits and co-branding.

    The collection wraps up the clothing offerings with a selection of sweatpants, tech pants, a belt, and crewnecks. For the truly adventurous, you can even cop a special NASA backpack. In a streetwear scene that obsesses over the future, how much more forward can one look than space?

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