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A Comprehensive History of Marcelo Burlon

    History of Marcelo Burlon

    History of Marcelo Burlon: Evolution of a Fashion Phenomenon

    Marcelo Burlon, a multifaceted creative force, has made a significant impact on the fashion world with his brand, Marcelo Burlon County of Milan. Born in the Patagonian countryside of Argentina, Burlon relocated to Italy during his teenage years, where he experienced a dynamic cultural upbringing that would greatly influence his future endeavors. His journey in the fashion industry began as an Art Director, venturing into various other roles such as PR, video creation, editing, and styling.

    For Resort 2019, Burlon played with shapes, colors, and galvanic designs, showcasing his maturity as a creative. The collection featured a collaboration with Muhammad Ali, further cementing his status as a connected and influential designer. Despite not considering himself a designer, Burlon has managed to create a strong brand identity and attract the attention of industry insiders.

    Throughout his career, Burlon has maintained a strong connection to his roots in Argentina, and his unique blend of cultural influences has earned him a place in the BoF 500 list, which recognizes the most influential people shaping the global fashion industry. Burlon’s story demonstrates the power of authenticity and adaptability in the ever-changing world of fashion, leaving a lasting imprint on Milan and beyond.

    Early Life and Background

    Patagonian Heritage

    Marcelo Burlon was born in the Patagonian region of Argentina. This area is known for its rich cultural heritage and strong connection to the indigenous Mapuche people. Growing up in this environment, Burlon developed an appreciation for his roots and the esoteric symbols of the Argentinean aborigines from his region. The influence of his heritage can be seen in his later work as a designer, where he often incorporates elements inspired by the Mapuches and the intense nature of South America.

    Move to Italy

    As a teenager, Marcelo Burlon’s family relocated to Italy, where he would spend much of his adolescence. The move to Italy played a significant role in shaping Burlon’s future career, as he was exposed to a new world of fashion, art, and culture. It was during this time that he began immersing himself in the nightclub scene, which would later become an important influence in his designs and event planning career.

    In Italy, Burlon found himself working as an events planner in Milan, organizing dinners and events for brands like Alexander McQueen, Gucci, and Raf Simons. His experiences in this role allowed him to develop a strong foundation in the fashion industry and helped pave the way for the establishment of his own fashion label, Marcelo Burlon: County of Milan.

    Rise in the Fashion Industry

    marcelo burlon

    Image Credit: Elle Canada

    PR and Stylist Work

    Marcelo Burlon was originally from the Patagonia region of Argentina before relocating to Milan 22 years ago. In Milan, he started working as a PR and DJ, organizing events for major fashion houses, such as Alexander McQueen, Gucci, and Raf Simons. This laid the foundation for his future success in the fashion industry.

    Launch of County of Milan

    In 2012, Burlon established his own streetwear brand, Marcelo Burlon County of Milan. The brand initially focused on bold graphic t-shirts that caught the attention of the fashion world. The brand later expanded its offerings to include a wide range of clothing and accessories, growing in popularity and becoming a staple in the streetwear scene. County of Milan became part of the New Guards Group, which also houses other notable brands, such as Off-White by Virgil Abloh.

    Fashion Collaborations

    Throughout his career, Burlon collaborated with various designers and brands. Some noteworthy collaborations include:

    • Riccardo Tisci: Burlon worked with Riccardo Tisci during his time as the creative director of Givenchy, creating important connections in the fashion industry.
    • Off-White: As part of the New Guards Group, Burlon had the opportunity to work with Virgil Abloh and his Off-White brand, further solidifying County of Milan’s place in the streetwear scene.
    • Versace: County of Milan designed a special collection in collaboration with Versace, showcasing their ability to merge high fashion with streetwear aesthetics.
    • Chanel: Burlon had the chance to work with the legendary fashion house Chanel, expanding his brand presence in the luxury fashion world.

    Marcelo Burlon’s success in the fashion industry can be attributed to his ability to combine his background as a creative, PR, and DJ with the power of social media and brand authenticity. With numerous accomplishments and ongoing collaborations, Burlon’s County of Milan brand continues to be a frontrunner in the world of streetwear and high-fashion.

    Influence of Club Culture

    Club Kid to DJ

    Marcelo Burlon, who was born in the Patagonian countryside, relocated to Italy with his family as a teenager. It was during this time that he began immersing himself in the club culture, which would ultimately shape his career and personal identity. Burlon’s interest in club culture started when he was a teenage club kid and later evolved into a passion for music and DJing. This passion led him to become a DJ himself, playing at various events and venues, such as the famous Ibiza club scene.

    Music and Event Management

    Burlon soon broadened his skills beyond DJing and got involved in event management. He spent two decades working as an events planner in Milan, organizing dinners and various entertainment events. One notable venue where he honed his craft was Magazzini Generali, a renowned Milanese club known for hosting exclusive parties and high-profile music events.

    Over the years, Marcelo Burlon seamlessly blended his experience as a DJ with event planning and management, creating a unique perspective on the interconnectedness of fashion, music, and club culture. This unique blend of experience helped shape his success as a designer and creative force in the fashion world.

    Expansion and Partnerships

    Collaborations with Sportswear Brands

    Marcelo Burlon’s brand, County of Milan, has continuously expanded through collaborations with various sportswear brands. Some notable partnerships include working with Nike to release a limited-edition set of Air Force 1 sneakers, which brought a fresh and unique perspective to a classic design. County of Milan has also partnered with other prominent brands, such as Reebok for a line of apparel and footwear, and Adidas for a collection of clothing and accessories.

    Alongside these major sportswear companies, the brand has worked with Italian sportswear label Kappa. This collaboration involved producing a capsule collection that combined both the distinctive logos and styles of County of Milan and Kappa, creating an innovative and trendy fusion of fashion and sportswear.

    Influential Fashion Encounters

    • Palm Angels: County of Milan’s growth can also be attributed to interactions with other influential figures and brands within the fashion industry. Marcelo Burlon worked closely with fellow designer and friend Francesco Ragazzi of Palm Angels in designing and producing exclusive collections. This collaboration amplified the presence of both brands within the international fashion scene.
    • Unravel: Additionally, Burlon’s relationships with influential designers such as Ben Taverniti of Unravel allowed him to learn from and work with a variety of cutting-edge fashion industry professionals. The exchange of ideas fostered during these encounters has contributed to Burlon’s creative growth and the evolution of the County of Milan brand.
    • Claudio Antonioli / Antonioli: Marcelo Burlon’s professional encounter with well-known Italian fashion retailer Claudio Antonioli resulted in a profitable partnership. Antonioli’s eponymous boutique, Antonioli, became a crucial retail platform for County of Milan, increasing visibility and reach of the brand.

    In conclusion, the expansion and partnerships of County of Milan can be attributed to collaborations with notable sportswear brands, as well as influential fashion encounters. Both aspects have allowed Marcelo Burlon’s brand to grow and gain recognition in the global fashion industry.

    Design Philosophy and Aesthetics

    Streetwear Influence

    Marcelo Burlon’s design philosophy is heavily influenced by streetwear. His brand, Marcelo Burlon County of Milan, is known for incorporating elements of urban culture and style into its designs. This is reflected in the brand’s use of popular streetwear items such as baseball caps and hoodies. In addition, Burlon’s designs often feature bold, vibrant colors and a mix of eclectic patterns.

    Signature Motifs and Graphics

    Burlon’s design aesthetics also include a range of signature motifs and graphics that have become synonymous with his brand. Some of the most notable motifs include:

    • Wings: A recurring theme in Burlon’s designs is the use of wings. This motif can be found on various pieces, such as t-shirts, jackets, and accessories, creating a sense of movement and fluidity.
    • Snakes: Another popular motif in Burlon’s work is the snake. Often intertwined with other elements, the snake represents transformation and rebirth, and serves as a symbol of the brand’s ever-evolving aesthetic.
    • Allover print: Burlon’s designs frequently feature allover print, in which the entire garment is covered in a repeating pattern or graphic. This design element adds a unique visual appeal to the pieces while also showcasing Burlon’s personality and artistic vision.

    In short, Marcelo Burlon’s design philosophy and aesthetics are characterized by a combination of streetwear influences and distinctive motifs and graphics. His fusion of urban style, bold visuals, and dynamic patterns has resulted in a brand that stands out in the modern fashion landscape.

    Business Strategies

    Retail Concepts

    Marcelo Burlon’s business strategies have allowed his brand, County of Milan, to grow and gain recognition worldwide. A key element in his approach has been the development of unique retail concepts, leveraging his connections with well-known personalities in different industries. This has enabled Burlon to create exclusive collaborations and limited-edition releases, increasing the brand’s value and consumer appeal.

    For instance, Burlon has collaborated with popular icons like Riccardo Tisci, LeBron James, and Tyga for various fashion collections and projects. These collaborations not only generate hype around the brand but also help broaden its audience reach.

    Social Media Presence

    In today’s digital world, a strong social media presence is pivotal for any fashion brand’s success. Marcelo Burlon has effectively harnessed the power of social media to grow County of Milan. He uses platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to showcase his designs, engage with his followers, and share behind-the-scenes glimpses of his creative process.

    Noteworthy Moments:

    1. County of Milan’s debut in 2012
    2. Collaboration with Riccardo Tisci
    3. Special edition designs with LeBron James

    A factor driving Burlon’s success in social media is his ability to leverage his network of friends and acquaintances, including models, celebrities, and other influencers, who help promote his brand by wearing and sharing his designs online. This, combined with Burlon’s own charismatic personality, creates a compelling narrative around the County of Milan that resonates with its audience.

    By staying true to his vision and skillfully employing a mix of retail concepts, high-profile collaborations, and social media strategies, Marcelo Burlon has successfully positioned County of Milan as a force to be reckoned with in the competitive fashion landscape.

    Cultural and Social Impact

    Community Engagement

    Marcelo Burlon, a prominent figure in the fashion industry, also made a name for himself through his continuous efforts to engage with the community. Born in Argentina in 1976 to an Italian father and a Lebanese mother (source), Burlon developed a strong bond with his origins which is reflected in his commitment to foster connections.

    Marcelo embraced his South American roots and Italian upbringing by organizing social events, dinners, and gatherings in Milan. As a result, he gained a reputation as an events planner, which ultimately shaped the direction of his fashion brand, County of Milan (source). Burlon’s diverse heritage and his ability to unite people from various backgrounds have played a crucial role in enhancing his brand image and creating a global community of fashion enthusiasts.

    Fashion as a Form of Activism

    Over the years, Burlon has used his fashion brand as a means to empower others and foster the values of freedom and individual expression. One might argue that his brand functions as a form of activism, challenging societal norms and inspiring people to embrace their uniqueness.

    As a testament to these beliefs, Burlon’s Resort 2019 collection showcases a collaboration with renowned boxer Muhammad Ali (source), demonstrating how the fashion world can transcend boundaries and pay tribute to influential figures.

    The influence of Marcelo Burlon’s cultural background can be seen throughout his work. The recurring themes of family, activism, and heroism are deeply embedded in the fabric of his fashion brand, making a bold statement about the importance of unity, community, and self-expression. By combining fashion with activism, Burlon makes a powerful impact on society and encourages others to celebrate their own identities and cultures.

    Brand Milestones

    Key Collaborations

    Marcelo Burlon County of Milan has a history of notable collaborations. Leveraging Burlon’s background as a DJ, PR, and stylist, the brand found success in combining fashion-forward designs with cutting-edge cultural influences. A key venture was the partnership with New Guards Group, which helped propel the brand to new heights in the fashion industry. Through this collaboration, Marcelo Burlon County of Milan gained access to the group’s extensive retail network and expertise in brand management, leading to increased visibility and growth.

    Another significant collaboration came in the form of a book and upcoming TV show detailing Marcelo Burlon’s life and journey as a creative entrepreneur. These projects allowed the brand to showcase its story and core values, further establishing its presence in the fashion world.

    Anniversary Celebrations

    In June 2022, Marcelo Burlon County of Milan celebrated its 10th anniversary with a special collection and event. This milestone coincided with Burlon’s personal journey as a creative figure and marked an important turning point in the brand’s history:

    • Exclusive Collection: In honor of the anniversary, County of Milan released an exclusive line of designs reflecting Burlon’s unique perspective and cultural influences. The collection showcased the brand’s evolution over the years and celebrated its achievements.
    • Anniversary Event: To commemorate the occasion, Marcelo Burlon County of Milan hosted a celebration event in Milan, gathering key figures in the fashion industry as well as longtime supporters. The event further solidified the brand’s reputation and presence in the fashion world.

    In conclusion, the milestones achieved by Marcelo Burlon County of Milan, including the collaborations with the New Guards Group and anniversary celebrations, can be attributed to the brand’s blend of fashion with cutting-edge cultural influences and Burlon’s distinct creative vision.

    Notable Collaborations and Projects

    Celebrity Endorsements

    Marcelo Burlon has had several endorsements from high-profile celebrities throughout the years. In the world of sports, NBA superstar LeBron James has been seen sporting Marcelo Burlon designs. Music artist Tyga has also endorsed the brand by wearing County of Milan clothing items in his performances and appearances.

    Exclusive Collections

    Marcelo Burlon has collaborated with various high-end brands to create exclusive collections. Some of his collaborations include popular sportswear names such as Nike, Reebok, and Adidas. These limited-edition collections typically feature unique designs, bold graphics, and intricate patterns, encompassing the signature style of the County of Milan brand.

    One notable example is the partnership between Marcelo Burlon and Selfridges, a luxury department store in the United Kingdom. This collaboration resulted in an exclusive capsule collection featuring a blend of streetwear and high-end fashion. Another impressive collaboration is with Lane Crawford, the Hong Kong luxury department store, where the County of Milan line was made available to its discerning clientele.

    Automotive Partnerships

    Marcelo Burlon has even ventured into automotive partnerships, showcasing his talent for design beyond the realm of fashion. He collaborated with Lamborghini to create a special edition car that features County of Milan’s distinctive designs and bold patterns. This partnership highlights the versatility of Marcelo Burlon’s creative vision and his ability to successfully incorporate his artistic style into various industries.

    In conclusion, Marcelo Burlon’s County of Milan label has amassed a variety of notable projects and collaborations throughout the years. These partnerships, which cover celebrity endorsements, exclusive collections with top fashion brands, and even collaborations within the automotive industry, showcase the creative force and versatility of Marcelo Burlon as a designer.

    Personal Life and Interests

    Influences from Personal Journey

    Marcelo Burlon, born in the Patagonia region of Argentina, has always been influenced by his Patagonian heritage. His upbringing and personal journey exposed him to various artistic and social communities. Marcelo moved to Italy as a teenager, where he began to explore the world of fashion and design. In Milan, he developed his unique sense of style and established a cult following.

    His work in the fashion industry was largely influenced by his experiences as a club kid and a DJ. Marcelo’s love for music, especially from artists like Björk, played a significant role in shaping his aesthetics and vision for his label, Marcelo Burlon: County of Milan.

    Personal Journey Influence on Work
    Patagonian Heritage Cultural Inspiration
    Move to Italy Exposure to Fashion World
    Club Kid Experience Unique Aesthetics
    Djing Connection to Music

    Hobbies Outside Fashion

    Beyond the fashion world, Marcelo Burlon is passionate about other creative endeavors. Djing has been an important hobby for him, as it allows him to express his love for music and connect with audiences in a different capacity. He is known to have held DJ performances in fashionable clubs and events, including time spent in Ibiza.

    Family life has always been a source of strength and inspiration for Marcelo. His extensive social network and connections within the artistic and creative community influence his brand and contribute to his success as a designer.

    • Ibiza: DJ Performances
    • Family: Inspiration and Support

    In summary, Marcelo Burlon’s personal life and interests have significantly influenced his work in the fashion industry. His Patagonian heritage, club kid background, and love for music have all contributed to the development of his unique style and aesthetic, while his hobbies outside of fashion provide balance and inspiration for his work.