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How to Match Your Socks With Your Outfit

    match your socks

    Socks are often part of an outfit that’s forgotten when putting it together, but this is a big mistake. Socks can actually play a partial role in your look if you choose them carefully. But choosing the right pair of socks and matching them with the rest of your attire may seem easier said than done.

    Humans have been wearing socks for thousands of years, in fact, they date back to the 8th century BC. Yet it’s a piece that’s all too often forgotten when putting together outfits. But maybe that’s not surprising since you spend so much time and energy on the other parts of your attire, not to mention that putting on a pair of colorful socks for a night out can seem intimidating.

    Luckily, matching socks with your outfit and thus creating a personalized and smart look doesn’t have to be so challenging. Here are our basic tips to get you started.

    Let Your Socks Wardrobe Consist Mainly of Muted Colors

    The most straightforward way to make sure you always have socks that are in line with the rest of your attire is to have a wide range of socks in classic muted colors like black, dark blue, and dark gray.

    You can never have too many of these socks, and they can be used pretty much every day and on all different occasions. Plus, they go perfectly with virtually all sneakers, whether it’s a pair of low-key Nike SB Dunk in black or a pair of colorful New Balance.

    Step Outside of Your Comfort Zone: Go For Colorful Socks

    If you feel confident enough to stand out from the crowd and add a bit of color to an otherwise basic outfit, you may want to dress it up with socks in bright colors and fun patterns. With more unusual colors or patterns on your socks, you’re signaling courage and a sense of style, while you’ll undoubtedly make bypassers smile.

    Assuming the socks are not to be worn in a conservative office environment, there are a bunch of nice socks to choose from. If you love to express yourself visually and play with details, you can choose socks with fun patterns, or go for the classic dotted or striped motif in a variety of colors.

    Consider the Overall Picture and Not Just One Part of the Outfit

    Last, but not least, it’s important that you carefully consider all parts of your outfit before you start playing around with your choice of socks. After all, there are a lot of garments that socks have to match the sweater, the jacket, pants/shorts, and not the least the shoes.

    If your outfit consists of basic garments, such as a white or black t-shirt, black or gray chinos, and a pair of black or white sneakers, you can wear practically all kinds of colorful and fun socks to it. However, if you’re already wearing some patterns or crazy colors, you may want to stick to socks in a muted color to create a look that’s elegant rather than messy.