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HYPEBEAST Magazine Issue 14

HYPEBEAST Magazine Issue 14

HYPEBEAST Magazine: The Artisanal Issue

The newest issue of HYPEBEAST Magazine includes stories featuring John Mayer, Dr. Woo, LQQK Studio, Hender Scheme and Terry Richardson. The cover story features John Mayer, an adept follower and consumer of all things with superior quality.

Instruments, watches and a very particular interest for visvim are also part of Mayer’s that he now shares with the publication. Also part of the latest issue of the magazine are two interviews, one with Eiichiro Homma of nanamica and The North Face Purple Label and Ryo Kashiwazaki of Hender Scheme that reveals some thoughts about their brands and creations and their absolute commitment to quality.

HYPEBEAST Magazine Issue 14: The Artisanal Issue will soon be available at HBX, as well as at select stockists and newsstands worldwide.

HYPEBEAST Magazine Issue 14

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