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Nano Cure Tech Collection by Imperal Motion

    imperial-motion-nano cure

    The Nano Cure Tech Collection offers specially treated fabrics.

    The future is here. With revolutionary ripstop nanotechnology, Imperial Motion’s Nano Cure Tech is almost magical. Whether decked out in the hooded jackets, duffels or backpacks, you’ll truly be taking adventure, travel, and performance to the next level.

    With double-sided coating, the nanofibres enable this innovative fabric to repair itself from small tears and punctures! By rubbing two fingers over the torn surface for roughly 10 seconds, the friction created will reseal any holes and revert the fabric to its original state.

    Nano Cure Tech review:

    See how this jaw-dropping fabric technology works for yourself.

    Available in both deep olive or jet black, the mesh-lined jackets with rib knit cuffs and waistbands paired with the sheen lined backpack or versatile duffel provide ultimate protection from the elements. Extremely durable, lightweight and hydrophobic, the Nano Cure Tech Collection is a functional fashion holy grail for both the clumsy and the outdoorsy among us.

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