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Introducing Jettson Footwear

    jettson footwear

    Jettson footwear: Aviation influenced

    Jettson footwear is all about minimalist design. It is all enhanced regarding materials and finished off with a hint of sportswear functionality. The footwear label recently launched “the Arc Series”, its very first collection inspired by aviation. The “Arc series” sneakers are inspired by the ogee arch form.

    It is a special form that is also found in aerodynamics and specifically on the Mach 2 commercial passenger planes like the Concorde and the TU-144. The packaging is inspired by flight luggage, as clearly seen on the slide away box label.

    All materials used on the shoes are sourced from all over Europe and assembled by hand in Portugal (an option also done by other labels such as Axel Arigato or JAK).

    Jettson: Limited by Nature

    All of the shoes are made in very limited quantities. The current drop is limited to 14 pairs per style. By keeping the quantities limited, complete hand assembly can be ensured. All down to the cutting of the leather parts which is usually done with die cut knives.

    Each and every style comes with unique features. The black versions are made of Eco tanned leather combined with an almost velvet like nubuck giving it a little more clean and dressy look.

    As for the Grey versions, these are made from a “butter” soft leather. It makes the shoe adaptable and in a sense makes of it a sneaker as it should be – in its purest form.

    Jettson footwear goal is to make fashionable sneakers. The purpose if that they are minimal in design, but also add functionality by the use of certain material properties.

    We got together with Jordy, creator, and founder of Jettson Footwear, for a small interview.

    jettson footwear

    All there is to know about Jettson footwear:

    Can you tell us a little more about yourself, and what drove you to start Jettson?

    As for what it all started, it’s actually a few things. But what it all comes down to is the longtime love for sneakers that started the late 80’s. From then on being a long time passionate collector.

    Fast forward to 2014, I found myself in a position to do something I have been looking to do for a long time. All of it combining my entrepreneur spirit with my passion, as of then the seed for Jettson was planted.

    As you told us, this first collection was inspired by aviation, and the brand name also. This is a passion of yours or is just a coincidence?

    Aviation is something that has always intrigued me. Although it’s not a passion like with sneakers, design lines and aerodynamics within aviation is what intrigues me.

    You feel it was important for the brand to be produced in Portugal? What benefits does it bring?

    It’s important to such a level, that all materials and manufacturing need to come from Europe. And I wanted to bring a product that would be available at an honest price without cutting down on craftsmanship and quality.

    Portugal can provide the craftsmanship and quality of its year’s long experience in leather and footwear industry.

    jettson footwear

    Will Jettson keep the releases has limited or are you planning to hit retail anytime soon?

    The first drop was extremely limited, it was a real struggle to get the factory to do such small orders.. I wanted to keep it smal for the introduction. However retail is in the works and we’ll see how things go from there

    What can we expect from Jettson in the near future?

    A few things: new colours, a 3rd ARC model and later this year it’s going to get a little more technical.

    Check out some highlights of their collection below and head over to Jettson’s official website to find out more.

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