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Junya Watanabe x Carhartt Trucker Jacket: Review

    Junya Watanabe Carhartt

    Junya Watanabe x Carhartt Trucker Jacket

    The Junya Watanabe x Carhartt Trucker Jacket comes to us from the former’s SS18 collection. That same edit, as part of the Paris Fashion Week, is full of Junya’s collaborative efforts. We see work with Levi’s as well as other heavy-hitters such as The North Face.

    But, this jacket represents just how articulate is in this line of collab releases. Joining forces with Carhartt isn’t just a gimmick or purchasing play. It makes all the sense in the world for Junya Watanabe.

    The Background

    The Japanese brand is all about side-stepping fashion altogether. The Junya Watanabe x Carhartt effort is one that tries to bring fashion back to a time of practicality.

    Junya goes into this collab as one of the OGs in this sort of release. Before big names in fashion really started leaning on collaborative drops, Watanabe was one of the very few to compliment other brands with his own work to make some quality releases.

    The designer’s approach focuses in on making garments that are durable and hard-wearing. The idea is to make premium pieces of clothing that will last you a long enough time to justify shelling out a pretty penny.

    The Jacket

    This Junya Watanabe x Carhartt Trucker Jacket is a prime example of this ideal. The build features in a blend of cotton and Melton wool. The choice to bring these specific materials together is indicative of the focus on durability. The Melton wool particularly stands out, representing a thick cloth that weaves in a twill form.

    This sort of base layer results in a full, strong jacket that feels plush to the touch and is quite versatile. With this material making up for 90% of the Junya Watanabe x Carhartt Jacket, it’s hard to go wrong. Throw in some cotton into the blend and you’ve got a wearable go-to for years to come.

    The fit is fairly traditional, seeing the jacket run true to size but in an overall boxy structure. The shoulders can fit a bit loosely in this sort of build, so it would be wise to go true to size.

    Junya Does it Again

    The Junya Watanabe x Carhartt piece of the SS18 collection is a brilliant example of the designer’s forte in wearable practicality. The materials are easy to take care of (dry clean) and the wool blend makes it a long-lasting option.

    Junya Watanabe x Carhartt Jacket

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    Junya Watanabe Carhartt

    Junya Watanabe Carhartt


    Junya Watanabe Carhartt