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KILLSPENCER x Van Styles Camera Wrist Strap

    killspencer x van styles

    It’s a collab: KILLSPENCER x Van Styles

    KILLSPENCER teamed up with renowned lifestyle photographer Van Styles to exclusively release two special editions of Camera Wrist Straps. The KILLSPENCER x Van Styles straps are photography accessories that merge functionality, durability and minimalist design.

    Hand-threaded using double-sided bull hide leather, the sleek and comfortable wrist strap is ideal for photographers on-the-go. Equipped with ⅝” brass split rings, the adjustable camera strap provides the ultimate security for your gear. It is all there to help you get that perfect shot.

    Retail Price is $89 and you can choose from two options, ‘Noir’ (Black Leather with Black Foil Stamped Logos) and ‘Gilded’ (Black Leather with Gold Foil Stamped Logos).

    The collaboration will be available for early physical purchase at KILLSPENCER store on Saturday, December 12 and available for online orders starting Monday, December 14 only at

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    KILLSPENCER x Van Styles Camera Wrist Strap