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La MJC x Diadora N9000 “All Gone” in Cheetah Print

    La MJC x Diadora N9000

    La MJC brings in a Diadora with Cheetah print

    La MJC has been celebrating 10 years of All Gone. In fact, we’ve seen them team up with Diadora to celebrate several covers of the publication.

    All Gone has made a habit of opting for wild and expressive cover art, hence the variety in this collab’s releases. This time around, we see the La MJC x Diadora N9000 in its wildest iteration.

    Taking on a cheetah print design, this sneaker also sports premium leather lining. The upper’s base material is an imitation of cheetah hair. Additionally, we can see branding laser etched onto the heel tabs.

    Diadora: Quality Made in Italy

    Knowing that Diadora is one of the most important footwear brands there is (one with a great tradition and background at least) it is very much worth to know more about the Italian label.

    However, and surprisingly, Diadora’s first product had nothing to do with shoes. Their first so-called “invention” was a special pair of hiking boots (or mountain climbing footwear – very similar). All of this happened way back during the 1950s.

    Before getting into the so-called “athletic scene”, Marcello Danieli (Diadora’s founder) started to observe what people needed, therefore, he built skiing boots. Danieli followed one of the most important principles when it comes to business: find out what your customer wants and provide it.

    With the ultimate rise and boom of sports all around the world, Diadora decided to go ahead and create athletic shoes and not only runners. One of the greater and better examples of this is their connection with tennis.

    Diadora connected with Björn Borg, a Swedish professional tennis player that even has his own signature shoe. Over the years, the Borg Elite became the brand’s most notable pieces of footwear.

    Long story short: Diadora plays, in fact, a huge and important role when it comes to all things footwear. Moreover, it is still manufacturing in Italy. They are also known for having “quality” as their middle name. As in “quality” seen per most of their footwear models.

    Due for release on December 10th, this is an extremely limited initial drop. If you don’t manage to get one of the 200 pairs at Club 75’s Paris shop, there will be a general release online as well (December 10th, 8 P.M. CET).

    La MJC x Diadora N9000