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La Paz Clothing: The curious case of Portugal

    La Paz Clothing logo

    La Paz Clothing is just one of greater clothing brands born and raised in Portugal. Being Made in Portugal has become quite a branding in itself these days.

    Everything that is related to the country is deemed as gold. Portuguese Flannel is just one of the many Portuguese brands on the rise now.

    Long story short, everything Portugal made or inspired and done by Portuguese people is for sure something worth to know more about. The Portuguese have been playing around with the world for almost 900 years.

    Portugal is one of the oldest nations in Europe, and its frontiers are in fact the most enduring in the entire old continent. That said, and having also in mind its past history (Portugal was, for the better part of the 16th century, alongside Spain, “title-holder” of the world itself), there is (for those who find it interesting) an almost overwhelming source of inspiration, for all sorts of arts and crafts.

    Icons and culture meet style

    La Paz Clothing

    La Paz Clothing is a Portuguese brand that makes better use of this vast cultural and iconic material. The label goes a step further by adding to it a unique style sense.

    Even knowing of this strong Portuguese heritage, La Paz stretches beyond this conceptual frontier. They also fully embrace larger and worldly agendas like the so-called “contemporary global legacy”.

    By means of a unique set of trendy designs, La Paz Clothing hunts down modernity and sets the pace of a privileged few. Who are they? The elite that understands the basic needs, and that means you.

    La Paz Clothing can be found online at select stores such as Urban Excess.

    Visit La Paz’s official website.