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LIFUL Minimal Garments Kanco Collection For SS17

    LIFUL Minimal Garments Kanco Collection

    Staying sharp with LIFUL Minimal Garments

    LIFUL Minimal Garments know who they are. They have a particularly sharp understanding of the ethos behind their clothing.

    The idea is to take simple visions and realize them with subtle flair. But, some brands often miss out on the wider possibilities of this approach.

    After all, it isn’t all about muted tones and easy fits. The LIFUL Minimal Garments Kanco Collection for SS17 aims to highlight this.

    One underrated aspect of fashion releases is versatility. Can you wear these pieces at more than just the occasional gathering?

    With LIFUL’s latest, the garments intend on lasting beyond the upcoming season. Of course, we still see the traditional fits that the brand strives for.

    But, there’s also a versatility in the fabrics that allows you to keep going back to these releases for your day-to-day wears. Add on a mix of subtle pastel and earthy hues, and you have yourself an impressive offering.

    Out now, you can learn more about the latest collection from LIFUL Minimal Garments online.

    LIFUL Minimal Garments Kanco Collection