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LimitEDitions x Diadora N9000 “Correfocs”

    LimitEDitions x Diadora N9000 "Correfocs"

    Celebrate Catalonia: LimitEDitions x Diadora N9000 “Correfocs”

    The Diadora Correfocs is the new collaboration between LimitEDitions and Diadora.

    The design of the shoe is inspired by Correfocs, a Catalan festival including fireworks as well as dancing devils and dragons.

    In medieval tradition, it resembles the fight of good VS evil. The festival was once forbidden in Spain.

    However, following the end of Franco’s dictatorship, the street-fest came back to life.

    Image Credits: LimitEDitions

    Being one of the leading cultural festivals in Barcelona, the “Fire Runs” (AKA Correfocs) is the major inspiration for the design of the shoe.

    Dressed in black and red, just like the “devil”, this particular release promises to be a true hit. Just like the first Diadora collaboration with the shop, the Castellers.

    In short, the sneakers and the details are just out of this world. They are hand-made in Italy and built only using premium materials.

    When it comes to the details, it is a guarantee that you blow you away.

    Have a look at the pictures (including the ones from behind the scenes) to find out a bit more.

    Only 400 pairs of the Diadora N9000 Correfocs will be made.