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Maison Margiela Leave A Message Sneakers

    Maison Margiela Leave A Message

    Leave A Message Sneakers by Maison Margiela

    Wondering why you need to buy the Maison Margiela Leave A Message Sneakers? Read through and you will find out.

    Maison Margiela really has no clue how to be standard in sneaker design. No, seriously. The high-end fashion brand takes nearly every convention of usual sneaker design and turns it on its head.

    All of the label’s creations are far from being standard and that is just one of the best feats of it. This brand new Maison Martin Margiela leather sneaker is basically crazy throughout.

    When you order these, you’ll also be getting a pen included with your package. But, what’s the pen for, you ask?

    No, it’s not some strange promotional gag. You use that pen to write on the shoes.

    That’s right. Maison Margiela puts this shoe together, constructing the upper out of polyester, just so you can write on them. Literally, “Leave a Message”.

    Maison Margiela: the Future of Sneakers

    Maison Margiela trainers are really all about attitude, a high class one of course. When creating the future, most of the times brands tend to improvise and Margiela does that with style and distinction.

    Additionally, there isn’t even much material variation here. Along with the polyester upper, we also see a rubber outsole. This is probably the closest the brand is getting to a standard feature.

    The contrast between the white upper and the gum rubber sole gives away even more personality to the shoes. Buy these Maison Margiela Leave a Message sneakers now at Wrong Weather.

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