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Marcelo Burlon x Kappa FW17 Collection

    marcelo burlon x kappa fw17

    Marcelo Burlon x Kappa FW17 collection just released

    Even though you may not know much about Marcelo Burlon, we are sure you have heard his name either collaborating with G-SHOCK or even with Alpha Industries. Born in Patagonia and raised in Milan during his teens, he is the “Einstein” behind his own brand.

    He further organizes events for high-couture brands. It makes sense that the Italian-based artist teams up with Kappa, also an Italian, however, sportswear brand.

    His signature black hues are visible throughout every piece. Also, and never forgetting the original Kappa logo, the so-called “man and woman” adjusted with the County of Milan geometric diamond.

    This is mainly seen on the crewneck and sweat-pants. To complement his collaboration, some animal inspired bit-and-pieces will also be released. It will all be giving it a twist in the sportswear VS high-end debate.

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