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Medicom 20 Years Special Release

    medicom 20 years toy manual

    Medicom celebrates the 20th anniversary

    The Medicom Toy Company is celebrating its 20th anniversary, In order to note the occasion, we see a special release.

    The Japanese toy company brings out a special Medicom 20 Years book. The Medicom Toy Manual catalogues the entire Be@rbricks collection. Also included in this release is a special DVD.

    The first Be@rbrick was out in 2001. Due to its high popularity, designers like Karl Lagerfeld even noticed.

    Its original release in Tokyo was a hit. As a result, the Be@rbrick became a famous collectible.

    The toys haven’t lost their allure either. You can still find figures selling for over $500 on eBay. 20 years in and the company holds on to its spot in the hearts of collectors.

    You can find the Medicom Toy Manual at Allike right now. While you’re here, make sure to check out the Top 8 Sneaker Books to read right now.