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Medicom RAH Daft Punk Doll

    Medicom RAH Daft Punk Doll

    Medicom releases the RAH Daft Punk Doll

    The Medicom RAH Daft Punk Doll has just been released. There are few things that prove true fandom more than a quality, collectible figure.

    Sure, you can always pick up a quick trinket from eBay or your neighborhood comic shop. But, for the true collector, that doesn’t even cross the mind. Here we see a great example of the quality that comes from a knowing fan base.

    The French music duo is responsible for revolutionizing a pop music industry that seemed to lack in individuality. Though focusing on electronic rhythms, Daft Punk put together some of the most accessible music within the genre.

    As a result, they hold a place in the hearts of many music die-hards.

    Daft Punk as seen by Medicom

    Here, we see the pair’s prominence brought back to life via Medicom’s unquestionable quality. The figures are painstakingly detailed, including costumes made of cotton and accompanying helmets.

    Each pack even comes with an assortment of detachable hands for several poses. Check these out right now over at Slam Jam Socialism.

    If you are a Medicom fan, check out the Medicom 20 Years Release Book right here.