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Mizuno x mita Sneakers “No Border”

    mizuno x mita sneakers

    Japanese ethos: Mizuno x mita Sneakers

    Mizuno is making a strong comeback. To start off, the first soon-to-release collaboration is with mita Sneakers. The Mizuno x mita sneakers is one around a greater aesthetic concept as almost any greater Japanese work of art.

    For sure that everything that comes with a Japanese tag on it displays some kind of exclusivity and superior feeling. This Mizuno x mita sneakers collab is no different.

    History and heritage have no value, as in, it just cannot be bought. Hence, by re-designing the models, the general public could actually see the evolution as well as the history of Mizuno.

    The model in question is the “Wave Rider”, originally released in 1997. Dubbed the “No Border”, this collaboration displays a premium suede, leather and mesh upper while details are seen on its grey and white-speckled midsole.

    mizuno x mita sneakers

    Japanese revival

    The point of all of this is to create a revival of certain silhouettes. All of it making sure they fit right in-between a sporty and lifestyle type. You might even call it Sports Style.

    What we mean is that classic silhouettes will be re-designed, but their DNA remains right where it should be. It is like a modern twist on a classic, merging the best in footwear: functionality, comfort, and style.

    At first, Mizuno was not happy with the sneaker label that was being put out. But, over time, they have released that if they wanted to be out there again, there was no way to do it. And thankfully, they have come to terms with that. We believe that the brand will not regret it.

    We know for a fact that its OG colorway shall release in March in select retailers. This collaboration, in particular, will be available at mita Sneaker’s website on February 10th. While on that, find out a bit more right on the video below

    Mizuno History and Background

    Founded in 1906 in Ozaka, Mizuno was created by Rihachi Mizuno and his younger brother, Rizo. Believe it or not, their first shop first sold western products, including baseballs.

    It did not take much time for the brand to start producing baseballs and gloves. A move that started a new era for the company allowing for their full-scale production of sporting goods to be born and developed.

    During the 1920s, Mizuno even manufactured golf clubs, weirdly enough. As of today, Rihachi Mizuno is still present in the Baseball Hall of Fame, a sport that has been present in Japan for decades.

    It is true that the brand is not always linked to footwear in general, but they sure have achieved quite a lot. Apart from producing pitch-studs for football and baseball, during the 90s, Mizuno shoes set the 100m World Record in Tokyo.

    This new Sports Style will make sure that the brand comes back to life in a way that it will make front to other super-sized worldwide brands. We truly have high expectations for Mizuno during the year of 2018.

    Japan OG:

    Mizuno is no stranger to us. Straight out of Japan, and after being under the radar for a while (at least around Europe), the brand is now planning a great come back.

    Called the KAZOKU Project (meaning family), the brand plans to boost its archives together with re-releases and collaborations from shops around the world that include Patta, AFEW, Hanon, and many others.

    We just cannot think of a better way to start. In fact, just makes us want more. Don’t worry, everything should be happening during the next few months and hopefully, it will keep going for a very long time.

    Sure, opinions may diverge on this: some say that this comeback is useless while some others are receiving it with open arms. The world would be rather a boring place if we all like the same, truth be told.

    Around here, we are feeling quite excited about this.

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    (All images and information via mita Sneakers and ShoesMaster)