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Modern Vintage With Levi’s

    Levi’s Modern Vintage clothing collection

    No need for intros when it comes to Levi’s. The brand was created by the Bavarian Levi Strauss in 1873. Strauss was the creator of the first blue jeans. It was a moment that marked the creation of what we know today as the most well-known brand in the world for denim jackets and apparel for all that matter.

    In Levi’s Vintage Collection, we get to see the full range of real American pieces. The Strauss Leather Jacket is one of the most iconic. Inspired by 1940’s style and using premium Italian sheep leather, this piece is timeless. The 1953 Type II Jacket, Made in the USA, is an updated version of the original one that was commonly known to be a work-force jacket.

    Paul O’Neill, Creative Director of Levi’s Vintage Clothing further adds that this is «an extraordinaire opportunity to dive in our archives and rescue a few fantastic pieces, given them a new life». Inspired by the “Summer of Love” Caliroots stocks all their must-have items.