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New Balance MRL996EW White

    New Balance MRL996EW white

    Monochrome continues to be a creative statement, whether regarding works of art or model products. In comes the New Balance MRL996EW, an all-white take on the NB 996.

    There are trends and then there archetypal style proclamations such as all white (or all black on the opposite color side). The New Balance MRL996EW White comes with all leather upper and a pristine white sole.

    New Balance 996: since 1988

    The 996 by New Balance is one of the most classic models of the brand. The silhouette was originally released back in 1988.

    The New Balance 996 release was more like an upgrade to the 995. Upon its release, the success of the shoe was significant not only in the US but also all over the world.

    In fact, the 996 was just one of the better parts of the whole 99X series that started originally back in 1982, with the release of the 990. During the following years, several models followed (the 995, the 998 or the 999 for example).

    Also worth a mention are the consecutive retro releases of those same original models.

    For now, pick up the New Balance MRL996EW online now at Sneakersnstuff and also at other online retailers shown below.