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On Trail with the Nike ACG Ruckel Ridge

Nike ACG Ruckel Ridge

All Terrain Ready: Nike ACG Ruckel Ridge

Looking at the Nike ACG Ruckel Ridge, we can clearly see the technical detail behind its design. ACG, as most of us might know, stands for All Conditions Gear. This represents Nike’s outdoors option. As such, ACG products are rugged and durable.

Some of the more notable releases usually come around when the weather starts to get a bit colder outside. Considering the weather for a lot of countries right now, the cold is not far off. Consequently, this latest release feels very appropriate.

Nike ACG Ruckel Ridge

Design Inspiration

The ACG Ruckel Ridge comes about in the most Nike way imaginable. This comes as no surprise as it just happens to be one of the designs of Tinker himself.

This is also a team effort. Joining in the process is Aaron Cooper. Both names are longtime members of the Nike design hive. This shoe is an example of how dynamic those minds can be.

Cooper sees this model originally as an opportunity to make a versatile runner. City runs or hikes, this is your go-to. But, it goes further than that. Cooper also references the anatomy of mountain goats. Nike once does the same thing when designing the Goat Tech Trail runner from the 90s.

A combination of a soft inner layer and hard ridges on the exterior makes the hoofs of these animals perfect for long and arduous journeys. Like the 90s product, the Ruckel Ridge takes inspiration from this.

Breaking it DownNike ACG Ruckel Ridge

The outsole of the Nike ACG Ruckel Ridge comes with plenty of studs and a stable construction. There is also a whole lot of material between your foot and the ground the shoe walks on.

The highlight of these layers is a sensitive, high-shock absorbing foam. This makes the cushion responsive as well as incredibly protective.

The upper here is also impressive. All of the suede and textile across the base comes together nicely with a Flyknit ankle collar. Rather than “locking your foot down,” the design here works to be more natural.

The strides of human feet, amplified by the anatomy of the mountain goat. You can find this gem of dynamic footwear design over at BSTN. If you are a fan of all ACG footwear make sure to check out also the ACG Terra Sertig.