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To Serve and Protect: The New Nike ACG Collection

    nikelab acg winter 2017

    Back to the future with Nike ACG

    Usually, when it comes to Nike and the Swoosh itself, it is normally associated with footwear, sneakerheads, and collectors as well as enthusiasts. However, the new Nike ACG winter collection, the newest drop from ACG, goes a step further.

    It basically focuses on the actual build of every single item. After all, we can call this proper tech-wear, for once, even if it has displayed superiority and supremacy from its early stages.

    Nike ACG has been introduced to us over 20 years ago, during the late 80s. As expected, it was truly a game changer in all aspects from footwear to apparel. In some way or another, the ACG collections will always have a special place in our hearts. Well, in our feet and body too.

    Designed by Errolson Hugh and Johanna Schneider, both long-time design partners with decades of experience in fashion and outdoor apparel. They thought about this collection in a very particular way, making sure its built is tough enough to sustain temperature changes as well assuring that every piece is as comfortable as it is durable.

    NikeLab ACG 3-in-1 System Men's Coat

    NikeLab ACG

    Nike ACG new collection brings on color

    In addition, we come across one detail in particular that we were not expecting: color. Schneider adds that her «… ultimate expectation for ACG garments is to provide the highest and best support in everyday situations that I faced in Berlin and that I know to be consistent with life in other cities …You want a really high level of comfort when moving in what are very vivid, intense and demanding environments».

    On the other hand, Schneider goes further explaining that «… a huge component for us is the expression of the garment. Often, women’s product is so directional, it’s expressive and it carries a level of emotion. We discussed how that is sometimes missing in men’s product, and those conversations opened up a new space for the collection to evolve.» In other words, such drop will merge the best in technology, style, and comfort perfect for everyday wear.

    Three essential strengths joined together:

    One great example of those three main pillars is the NikeLab ACG 3-in-1 Coat, the most outstanding and finest piece. Assembled off unique motifs, it delivers the same level of weather protection due to its GORE-TEX® outer shell. Furthermore, the mint liner gives it a superior contrast, displaying and portraying the energy that lives within you.

    nike lab acg 3 1 coat

    NikeLAB ACG 3-IN-1 System Coat

    Fear not, the whole Nike ACG 2017 FW range goes from Tech Woven Pants to Shells and Fleece Crewnecks. In addition, this drop will be available for men and women.

    The new Nike ACG 2017 collection is available in Europe from December 9 and December 15 in Japan. Before heading over to Nike to find out more, have a look right here to learn a bit more regarding the whole ACG concept and about some of its most important footwear models ever released.

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