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Nike Air Max 1 Grey/ Thunder Grey

    nike air max 1 grey thunder grey

    Reviewing the Nike Air Max 1 Grey/ Thunder Grey

    The Nike Air Max 1 Grey/ Thunder Grey is yet another seasonal take on an undisputed sneaker heavyweight. It’s Air Max month, folks. That special time of year. It’s making us reflect on the plight of the old-school sneaker.

    Let’s be honest here, being an OG sneaker is tough these days. Jordan models know a thing or two about the struggle. It seems like it only takes about five years for the material and reputation of a shoe to take a hit. The leathers see a downgrade, the soles just aren’t the same, and that’s just to name a few!

    The Air Max 1, on the other hand, is a bit different in this regard. Year after year, season after season, the quality is unquestionable. This results in some of the biggest names in the industry trying their hand at designing a special AM 1. Today, we take a look at a colorway that reminds us of when the leaves start to fall.

    Your Autumn Go-To, Sorted

    Don’t even worry about which sneaker you’re going to be rocking for the Fall months. This Green-heavy iteration comes with all of the visual spoils of that time of year when the Pumpkin Spice lattes and scarves start to come out.

    The materials are a great addition to that profile. The base is in a breathable mesh, a standard for the AM1. However, this Nike Air Max 1 Grey/ Thunder Grey comes with layers of leather and suede. Each of those sections comes with ample stitch details as well. An Orange Swoosh completes the otherwise somber look.

    OG Comfort

    It’s the Air Max 1, through and through. What this means is you’re the full power of that Air tech. Normally, an older design wouldn’t be what you opt for when it comes to longer days. However, the Air Max 1 has always been an exception to that rule.

    Rock them at your leisure. Don’t bother saving them for next Fall. Trust us, wearing them is a whole lot nicer than staring at them.


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