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Nike Air Max 1 Safari Returns Exclusively to Size?

    Nike Air Max 1 Safari

    The Nike Air Max 1 Safari Returns via Size?

    A legendary model returns to us via one of the most recognizable names in the sneaker retail game. UK retailer Size? gives fans another chance to get their hands on the iconic Nike Air Max 1 Safari. Like much of what Nike puts out, this model is about cultural significance.

    The Safari print on this sneaker sees roots in another shoe, the Air Safari.

    Just before going into the 1990s, Nike is on quite the roll. Tinker Hatfield is just getting going on what promises to be a legendary tenure. The Air Max 1, debuting in 1987, blisters through the footwear world. It witnesses celebrations – and sell-outs – for technical design as well as its wider consumer approval.

    At this time, you can imagine it’s difficult just to stay the course let alone to keep it moving. But, the aptly named Tinker just can’t help himself. He’s a wanderer and an observer. This combination of traits leads him to come up with all sorts of memorable heat.

    It’s that same personal approach that helps him turn an afternoon stroll into a new idea. Long story short: Tinker finds himself in a luxury furniture store in NYC. After fascinating over a couch with what looks like ostrich print on it, he is asked to leave. Yet, he leaves the place with a new idea to obsess over.

    And thus, we get the Air Safari. It’s the first use of that legendary print and shows itself again on this latest drop. This Nike Air Max 1 Safari, the latest exclusive from the crew over at Size? is dripping with class. Apart from the mesh base, the Safari print is all over this iteration, seamlessly bringing together elements of Black, Grey, and Orange on a premium upper.

    For OG Air Max heads, this is a must. For the uninitiated, you can pick worse ways to start a collection. Due out now, check these out when they drop over at Size?

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