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The Nike Air Max 95 SneakerBoot is TOUGH

    Nike Air Max 95 Sneakerboot

    A Look at the Nike Air Max 95 SneakerBoot

    It’s hard not to think about Nike’s winter offerings without mentioning their Air Max line and of course the Nike Air Max 95 SneakerBoot. This is partly thanks to years of material innovations and winters that only seem to be getting harsher. Even if not as hyped as the Nike Killshot 2 (seen here) the AM95 continues to be a true classic.

    In fact, the Nike Air Max 95 SneakerBoot is essentially a result of tech and harsh weather considerations. The AM 95 is one of the more imaginative designs to come out of the Air Max line. A unique piece of footwear creativity, this shoe sees its roots in the mind of Sergio Lozano.

    It takes inspiration from nature – the gradient waves represent the eroding effect of rain on the earth. It also sees a reduction in its overall branding presence via a miniature swoosh.

    The Olive Green Air Max 95 Sneakerboot, via Nike

    Improving the Perfect Shoe

    The fact of the matter is that Lozano – and, eventually, Nike designers – saw this silhouette as something completely unto itself. They continue to be right on the money about that.

    The Air Max 95 continues to do remarkably well. And yet, Nike always sees room for evolution.

    This is the mindset when the Air Max 95 Sneakerboot comes to be. The design process is rather minimal in terms of the foundations.

    After all, Lozano’s groundbreaking sneaker is something that needs little further tinkering. But, there were just a few ways to somewhat move it along.

    The Air Max 95 Sneakerboot in Triple Black

    Putting it Together

    By modern standards, the Nike Air Max 95 SneakerBoot’s predecessor is considered bulky. Honestly, it feels that way in your hands as well.

    This is hardly the stuff of Flyknit legend, taking a much more substantial presence both on and off feet. But, it still lacked the ability to deal with the winters of the U.K., where it happened to be wildly popular.

    Despite its criminal associations, the Nike Air Max 95 SneakerBoot helps bring about a wider popularity for this remarkable design. The upper’s usual mix of synthetics and leather swaps out for something a little tougher.

    Instead, we see an additional layer of weatherproof material throughout. This acts as a protective casing around the shoe, insulating warmth while keeping you dry.

    A closer look

    Air Max 95 SneakerBoot Black and Green

    Earth tones and all

    One of the more impressive models we see from the Swoosh is the Nike Air Max SneakerBoot Triple Black. The brand dips plenty of their winter-ready silhouettes in this scheme, but it looks particularly gorgeous on the Nike Air Max 95 SneakerBoot.

    One could also wonder what it might look like to paint a Nike Air Max SneakerBoot Green. Well, fortunately, it’s a solid execution thanks to the AM 95’s adoption of Olive on its upper.

    Both of these colorways make for great neutral options. They’re especially perfect if you’re looking to avoid flamboyance and remain tonal.

    Nike Air Max 95 SneakerBoot Review

    As a practical piece of design, the Nike Air Max 95 Sneakerboot simply gets it done. You get the stylish and iconic qualities of the AM 95 plus the protection of weatherproof materials.

    We even see a midsole with a fortified coating of rubber to prevent slipping. The men’s Nike Air Max 95 SneakerBoot is one of the more impressive executions of the winter-meets-runner look.

    Thanks to several solid color schemes – with the Triple Black and Olive Green as the most well-known ones – you get some visual flexibility as well!