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Nike Air Max 97 “La Silver” Returns to Italy

    Nike Air Max 97 La Silver

    Nike Air Max 97 “La Silver”

    The Nike Air Max 97 is a footwear icon. Sure, we see that word a lot, but the 97 earns it.

    Though we are a long way from the shoe’s original 1997 drop, it maintains relevance. Italy, in particular, has strong ties with the AM 97. And now, we see it return to the country it drove mad,

    Fondly known as “La Silver,” this AM 97 colorway isn’t as polarizing as it once was. Many now remember their initial reactions as either one of love or disgust. Michela Gattermayer, editor in chief of Elle Magazine, found them “horrendous.”

    Photographer Sha Ribeiro still sees the Air Max 97 Silver Bullet 2017 as a perfect compliment to his work. The common theme here? Fascination.

    The Nike Air Max 97 returns to Italy and makes sure to maintain details. The gleaming sneaker still sports its large-window midsole and recognizable design pattern.

    “La Silver” is set for an Italian release on December 2nd. The rest of Western Europe will see it on December 14th.

    While you’re at it, check out Milan’s special Air Max 97 celebration.