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The Infamous Nike Air Max 98 OG Gundam Is Back

    historic nike air max-98 gundam og

    Nike Air Max 98 returns two decades later

    The infamous Nike Air Max 98 is set to a great comeback. Considered by many a dad-shoe, (what would you expect?) the pair hands-out great retro vibes, especially in its OG colorway.

    The year of 2018 will be fulfilled with big news from Nike, so stay tuned to find out more as we go on. The Nike Air Max 98 OG Gundam is just one of the better parts of the whole feed.

    Somehow, believe it or not, we still consider that the latest half of the 1990s to be one of the best eras for Nike. Remember that not everything is about the Air Max 1.

    Apart from the Air Max 98, that same year saw the release of many other great silhouettes such as the Air Max Tailwind III and Triax Plus. We believe that such year deserves much more consideration and admiration in general than what it actually gets.

    Nike is Back

    Introducing yet another classic retro-running shoe, Nike’s prominence keeps increasing day after day, in particular, due to their retro releases. All brands are digging back to their catalog, although Nike has proven to be excelling at it when comparing to other big brands.

    The perfect example for this is the Nike Air Max 98. Nodding to its big cousin, the AM97, the Air Max 98 also features a full-length air midsole. As expected, due to the fact that back then everything was about performance (or almost everything).

    The Nike Air Max 98 is built using leather and mesh, making sure its weight is kept down. It may sound mundane but think back 20 years.

    Even if more robust than the AM97, at most levels, the Air Max 98 is also known due to its overlay lacing-system, as in, it is delivered with two lace hoops at the front. In other words, they provide an excellent fit when on-feet.

    After all, it was not a very successful launch back in the days, due to the fact that everyone’s mind was still stuck on the AM97. Unfortunately for some and fortunately for others, this come back will be received with open arms, we are sure of that.

    Gundam equals classic

    Nevertheless, even if quite a few iconic colorways were released thereafter, the “Gundam” is still one of the most memorable. The Nike Air Max 1 “Gundam” is re-releasing and as it seems, a few other versions may be also released throughout the year.

    Celebrating its 20th anniversary and after being released with a Supreme badge on it, this release is highly anticipated. Not only Supreme “decides” what is fashionably refreshing, but they also did a pretty good job with them on every single colorway.

    The low demand in past years is nothing compared with the hype created around this silhouette in particular during recent times. Both Urban Industry and Noir will also release them.




    (Image via UNHEARDOF)