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Nike Air Vortex Vintage (V-Series)

    nike air vortex vintage v series

    Looking to find and buy Nike Air Vortex Vintage? If you’re looking to know more about this V-Series classic, you came to the right place. The Nike Air Vortex Vintage is all about retro feel and look.

    As additional features, there is the exclusive color and also the material selection. A classic designed for runners back in the 80s, the Vortex Vintage makes a really powerful comeback. All of it with a better combination of urban and outerwear feel.

    However, nowadays to find Nike Air Vortex Vintage for sale is quite a task. Nonetheless, you can try your luck at retailers like Foot Locker. An all-time favorite, you can also check out right here a list of the best Nike Air Vortex colorways available to buy right now.

    Nike Air Vortex Vintage


    The Nike Air Vortex Vintage retro vibe is smartly finished off with a fresh fluorescent orange swoosh. Made with premium suede and mesh and with a khaki, green and orange colorway, this is one of the latest takes on the Nike Vortex Vintage Retro.

    The infamous Nike V-Series:

    The Vortex Vintage is one of the rightful heirs of the Nike V-Series, first introduced by Nike back in 1985. Featuring three different models, the Nike Vortex, the Vengeance, and the Venture, it was a must have for all the fans of running.

    Since these are all vintage models we’re talking about here, you can find the Nike Air Vortex Vintage V Series to buy on eBay or on Flight Club for example. Now, more than 20 years after its original release, the Nike Air Vortex has become a favorite for all style and sports fans alike.

    Nike’s path (and that of most brands for that matter) is one of innovation, but also of reinvention. The Beaverton brand has smartly recreated and redeveloped some of their most recognized models to become real symbols of all things fashion.

    Over the years, Nike’s collaborations with designers, other brands and artists created a unique flow of creativity that has allowed it to be a real trendsetter.

    Nike: newness and tradition

    With just the right balance between newness and tradition, Nike managed to steadily grow an overwhelming base of fans. They also gathered around a following of dedicated supporters and, most of all, smart consumers.

    Decades after the release of most of their original silhouettes, the brand manages to revamp and to reinvent their uniqueness and distinction. The Nike Air Vortex Vintage is precisely one of those cases.

    Released way back in the 1980s, the runner maintains a totally modern and up to date look. Decades ago the shoe’s only purpose was to be a great tool for all runners and athletes alike.

    Today, almost 40 years later,  things are very different. The challenge, however, is pretty much the same: to attract consumers and make sure they turn out to be your fans.

    Whether you are a sports fan or simply an individual that loves to use different shoes, Nike is for you. Find the Nike Air Vortex Vintage available to shop now at Nike and also at select stores like mita sneakers.

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