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Nike Air Vortex x Loopwheeler

    nike air x loopwheeler 2

    Nike Vortex as seen by Loopwheeler

    Loopwheeler unveiled what it is the second footwear product of the longtime collaboration with Nike: the Nike Air Vortex x Loopwheeler. The sneaker is the first result of an ongoing association with Nike Japan.

    nike air vortex x loopwheeler

    Loopwheeler and the American brand are set to release a number of other products soon. This is the latest project between Loopwheeler and Nike. Both labels have collaborated in the past, both on apparel and on footwear pieces.

    Based on the Nike Air Vortex OG, the sneaker is made of grey nubuck. It comes with lace tips hardened with special soft silicone. The top side of the tongue includes the Nike logo, and the underside of it the Loopwheeler logo.

    One of the most important features of the shoe is its inner panel, made up entirely of Loopwheeler’s own and unique fabric.

    About the Nike Air Vortex:

    The Nike Air Vortex was (and still is) one of the better parts of the V-Series, presented by Nike back in 1985. The release included a total of three different models, the Nike Vortex, the Vengeance and the Venture.

    At the time it was a must have for all fans of running and sports in general. Now, more than 30 years after its original release, the Nike Air Vortex is really a favorite for all style and sports fans alike.

    Nike has been bringing back the model year after year and it has even released some updated versions of it. The Nike Air Vortex x Loopwheeler model will be available in Japan only, from February 1, at Nike, Beams and Loopwheeler stores with a retail price of JPY 14.700 (approximately US$163).

    While you’re at it, make sure to check out our interview with Satoshi Suzuki, Loopwheeler’s founder.

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    Image Credit: Loopwheeler