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All Terrain Nike Pocket Knife DM Leather

    nike pocket knife leather white

    Available Now: Nike Pocket Knife DM Leather

    Fresh for almost any terrain: this is the brand new Nike Pocket Knife DM Leather. The Nike Pocket Knife DM is an updated iteration (that has already been released via NikeLab) resembling the original Nike Pocket Knife ACG (All Conditions Gear) released during the late 90s.

    From time to time, Nike likes to re-work on classic models that have been released in the past. Sometimes, their followers and sneaker enthusiasts, for all that matters, just put their hands on their head and think “what have they done?!”.

    Truth is that, on the other hand, some other releases are basically received with open arms. The result is astonishing, in our humble opinion, delivering the perfect outdoor-vs-lifestyle looks and wear, keeping its DNA almost intact. Yes, almost, as some specs are very noticeable.

    nike pocket knife dm leather

    Nonetheless, the Nike Pocket Knife DM displays a slip-on upper, just like the original. Also included is an uncommon lacing system that makes them stand out when comparing to other silhouettes in general.

    Moreover, in this particular iteration, its light-colored premium leather upper is still bootie-styled. A feature that will keep your feet snug and comfortable as well as protected wherever you go.

    However, as mentioned above, changes have been applied to this new model.

    (Nike Pocketknife ACG from 1998 – via Sneakers Love Portugal)

    It becomes obvious that the Nike Pocketknife DM displays a bigger and rubberized sole unit that is split into four independent parts. Such allows you to move and walk freely in all terrain conditions.

    Let’s go straight to the point here: they are super versatile as you can wear them while in the city or in the country-side.

    After all, it is no more than a classic and underrated pair with a modern twist. Yes, we have said before, and we will say it again – we just love it!

    As per the above, we can truly see the similarities between the OG pair and the newest iteration. Sure, they are different, but for once, we actually understand what Nike is trying to do.

    The OG version of the Pocketknife still displays an unusual lacing system, especially for the time they were released, however, it is built using suede and mesh altogether with a trail-like outsole.

    We sure believe that not everyone may feel the same way we feel regarding the silhouette or both in this case, but in all honesty, it does not get enough credit.

    Quite a few colorways were released back then, and each one of them was better than the other. And to conclude, we should never discredit this up-to-date iteration.

    Head over to Caliroots and get your Nike Pocket Knife DM Leather while they are in stock. While on that, let us know what you think down in the comments section.