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Camouflage Power: Nike SB Stefan Janoski “Black Camo”

    nike sb stefan janoski black camo

    Nike SB Stefan Janoski goes Black Camo

    The Nike SB Stefan Janoski Black Camo has arrived. This is one of the best and for sure the most striking among recent versions of the classic Janoski.

    The truth is that the Nike Janoski SB is one of the most iconic skater shoes to date. It now gets this totally season ready premium looking iteration.

    nike sb stefan janoski black camo

    Yet again, legendary professional athlete Stefan Janoski re-released his Nike OG silhouette, displaying a low profile premium built, delivering on-feet cushioning and responsive impact protection.

    As they are part of Nike’s SB range, the Nike SB Zoom Stefan Janoski OG’s upper sits on top of a flexible rubber outsole with herringbone traction. In other words, it allows you to have exceptional grip and board-feel.

    What else can a skateboarder, and it does not matter if you are just a beginner or if you are a sponsored skater, ask for?

    Nike SB Stefan Janoski: Time is on their side

    nike sb stefan janoski black camo

    Eight years have passed since their original release, but it just keeps getting better and better, especially with this black and camo version. The Nike SB Zoom Stefan Janoski itself is considered to be one of the most successful Nike SB shoes ever to release.

    Every skate shop and outlet stocks the model. Even lifestyle shops.

    Some of the releases were pretty hyped while some others went under the bus. Nevertheless, we really predict that this camo iteration will become a future banger.

    Apart from hype sneakers that in some way or another we start to look away from, there is a model that stands out, as per the above. Nowadays, brands are so versatile that you don’t need to be a pro-skater to rock a pair of Janoskis.

    Let’s be honest, how many kids wearing Palace and Supreme are actually skaters? We know, it is not exactly the same but fits the purpose when comparing.

    If you still remember, we gave you insightful information regarding Zoom Technology not that long ago. Even if it was originally created with a track-and-field purpose in mind, it has been applied to skateboard for a long time now.

    Designed by Janoski himself:

    Janoski is responsible for the design of the shoe, even if Nike was not very happy about it at the beginning. Times have changed, and Nike did the right thing by trusting Janoski, who prefers function over on-feet protection.

    It may sound odd, but if you think about it, it actually makes sense. In fact, both function and protection overlap when it comes to specific-footwear.

    Stefan Janoski is one of the most recognizable skate names around the world. Not only due to his links to Nike SB, but also due to the fact that he achieved quite a lot during his pro-skater career. His name keeps growing within the skating community, especially with releases of the Nike SB Zoom Stefan Janoski.

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    Image Credit: Caliroots