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Nike x Undercover Gyakusou: Fall/Winter ’12

    The collaboration continues: Nike x Undercover Gyakusou

    The Nike x Undercover Gyakusou collaboration project explains to us just why a legend is way more than just a good story. Nike and the brand segment led by Jun Takahashi really know what they are doing.

    For starters, a story has to be worth remembering, whether to pass on for generations to come, or just to share. When taking all the proper features and using just the right ideas, you create uniqueness. And that is Nike x Undercover Gyakusou.

    Nike x Undercover Gyakusou is a collection that sets up to do exactly that: to conceal the force that will take its message throughout years and decades to come.

    Jun Takahashi shows up as the one and only responsible for the conception of all this energy summed up in clothing pieces. These are garments that seem to endure beyond its material existence.

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    Image Credit: Nike Inc.