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NikeLAB ACG Winter Collection: Sport Tech, Street Style

    NikeLAB ACG Winter Collection

    ACG is all about tech meets style

    Most major sports branding are trying to get into fashion. Similarly, Nike is looking for ways into the industry. Their latest effort is an answer to the oncoming weather: introducing the NikeLAB ACG Winter collection. This line is as much form as it is function.

    In fact, this is nearly a split down the middle. Design Director Jarrett Reynolds stressed adaptability. Specifically, he wanted to be sure the pieces were ready for the city. In light of that, we see features like detachable hoods.

    The line also sports some futuristic looks. High collars and adjustable hoodies make for a slight sci-fi feel. Yet, this series maintains a style that is distinctly Swoosh.

    The NikeLAB ACG Winter Collection is available on December 1st. You can check out all the looks, including footwear, right here. Also, make sure to check out some of the all-time best ACG footwear models.