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NikeLab Vision-AIRs Program Meets Fashion

    NikeLab Vision-AIRs Program

    NikeLab Vision

    Nike’s Air Max month celebrations are winding down and we’re already looking forward to next year.  In addition to exclusive releases, the Swoosh inspires artists and designers from all over.

    This year, we get to see that take form as part of the NikeLab Vision-AIRs program. The project produces several remarkable designs that boast a vivid imagination.

    Pictured here is Azar Rajabi’s interpretation of fashion-by-AIR.  Using the Vapor Max for inspiration, Rajabi’s work shows an interesting use of mesh and vinyl.

    As a result, the whole look ends in a free-flowing aesthetic, based on practicality and vivid imagination. Rajabi also went with the “body in motion” as inspiration. 

    It’s one thing to see nice sneakers, it’s another to see how they inspire people. Check out the rest of the projects and designs from this program on Nike’s site.