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Art, Craft and Technology: No.One

    No.One handmade footwear

    Discover No.One

    No.One is ready to stay. Even if new brands start to appear while some others die out with the wind.

    The independent footwear label mix-and-matches art, craft, and technology into one-of-a-kind silhouettes, keeping their runs strictly limited. Furthermore, every shoe is hand-made in Venice, California.

    Apart from their micro-production-line emphasized by premium quality materials, the brand offers a bespoke service for individual clients. The brand adds that “No.One System is a balance of order and disorder, a creative cycle between the known and unknown. From the initial cutting of patterns to final packaging, this intersection of disciplines informs each part of the in-house manufacturing process and serves as the founding constitution for No.One.”

    Their latest drop includes two different silhouettes – the Bravo and the Alpha Desert Boot. Get to know a bit more about the brand’s Founder, Mark Gainor, with the video right under and of course, head over to their website to purchase your favorite hand-made sneakers.

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