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The North Face “Moon Parka”

    north face moon parka

    The North Face goes to space

    Based on The North Face’s Antarctica Parka it was created the Moon Parka. This is the world’s first outerwear prototype made with spider fibroin-based protein material QMONOS (spider web).

    The North Face’s Antarctica Parka is the ultimate outerwear jacket. Designed to endure and to protect from the harsh conditions and intense cold of the South Pole.

    The Moon Parka is designed precisely to match. The QMONOS outer material is the natural web color of the Golden Orb spider, and the almost unearthly glow inspired to dub the color “Moon Gold.”

    The embroidered logos are also made from a black QMONOS. The Moon Parka is the world’s first piece of clothing made from synthetic protein material.

    Check out some additional visual details of the Moon Parka, a piece that will be available in 2016 at The North Face. While you’re here, make sure to explore and discover the Purple Label by The North Face.

    north face moon parkanorth face moon parka