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Norwegian Rain AW15

    norwegian rain

    Inspired by Japan: This is Norwegian Rain

    From the onset of the brand, Norwegian Rain had always been drawn towards Japanese practicality, attitudes, and aesthetics in all aspects of life, design and architecture. This fascination led the brand in a profound way to explore and understand the principles of their functional aesthetics.

    Bringing Scandinavia to Japan and fusing them together through a campaign shot by Bent René Synnevåg and styled by Kanako B Koga is like joining passion and fascination with the brand’s craft.

    Norwegian Rain aw15


    The Autumn/Winter 15 collection builds on Norwegian Rain’s traditional approach to the artisan craftsmanship of tailoring. It’s an armor for the urban environment with cultural and historical origins.

    This season the label shaved off the excess volume and made the pieces sharper and more versatile. With a great choice of materials that go from cashmere to hi-tech waterproof fabrics, Norwegian Rain offers a great range of jackets with different lengths and looks to choose from.

    Be sure of one thing, whatever is your pick, you will not be disappointed. Find out more about Norwegian Rain.

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    Norwegian Rain