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The Latest Parra x Nike Air Max 1 is Coming Soon

    Parra x Nike

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    Back in 2005, the Parra x Nike impact is first felt in a big way. That’s when the first piece of this longstanding relationship comes to fruition. The “Amsterdam” Air Max 1 is still among the most iconic iterations of the classic runner (just like the ‘Safari‘) to ever debut.

    Here, that relationship continues thanks to this latest concoction. This aesthetic is not shy at all and shows it thanks to some interesting panel work. The entire upper looks to be in a series of premium leather overlays.

    Towards the heel, a sliver of polka dot graphic also comes with chunkier stitch details. In fact, thanks to the varying patterns, each of the smaller details just looks more luxe.

    These sections include alternate takes on diagonal stripes as well as the aforementioned polka dot panel. The color scheme is as vibrant as it gets. Pink, Red, Blue, and Black come together via the panels and the more subtle details on the upper. We also see them on the outsole, making for a flashy finish to this colorway.

    Fortunately, as premium as this shoe seems, the mesh base remains. This foundational piece of the Air Max 1’s design is especially appropriate during the summer. The crew behind this latest Parra x Nike drop seem to understand that.

    The present and future of the AM1 are looking fantastic at the moment. Fire collaborations such as this one will be worth remembering for quite some time down the road. At the very least, the visual alone on this one is unforgettable.

    Due out soon, we’ll be waiting to hear more from Bodega on a definite release date.

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    Shouts to Bodega for the imagery