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Pendleton Day of the Dead t-shirt and blanket

    pendleton dia de los muertos

    Pendleton celebrates Dia de los Muertos

    The Pendleton Day of the Dead T-shirt and Blanket set to celebrate ‘Dia de los Muertos’, an important Mexican and also Christian holiday. The purpose here is to Celebrate and honor those who aren’t with us anymore, in a blissful and colorful way.

    After all, the way that all of us would very much like to be remembered.

    For Mexicans, the Day of the Dead, or Dia de los Muertos, is a time to remember, but also and mainly to celebrate all the departed. When looking at it, the psychedelic looking skull and the polychrome patterns around it just make the difference.

    Made in the USA, the blanket is made of 82% virgin wool and 18% cotton, and measures 64’’x 80 (that’s 162 cm x 203 cm). The blanket is available to buy online, at Pendleton’s website, while the t-shirt is only available at some selected stores, including the one at downtown Portland, US.

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    pendleton day of the dead

    Images: Pendleton