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The Future of Today: Prada Cloudbust

    prada cloudbust sneaker

    Discovering the Prada Cloudbust sneakers

    The Prada Cloudbust sneakers are the brand’s latest futuristic piece of footwear. As with other premium sneakers like the Gucci Ace or the Raf Simons Ozweegos, design and disruptive innovation clearly go hand in hand.

    The Prada Cloudbust (as seen right here) is a shoe that reworks the whole idea and concept of the future of footwear in general. 

    prada sneakers cloudbust

    Image Credit: Matches Fashion

    The Cloudbust by Prada is innovative, to say the least. In fact, pictures speak for themselves and give us a pretty solid idea of how this futuristic silhouette looks.

    The shoe combines premium materials like leather and mesh on the upper. The Prada Cloudbust (and not ” Prada Cloudburst” as it is often misspelled) is a low-top and laceless sneaker displaying a velcro-strap at the forefoot.

    It all comes together with a bubbly and over-sized 40mm-high rubber sole. It really makes sure to follow every recent trend when it comes to proportionally exaggerated footwear.

    There is (of course) a discrete Prada branding on the midsole, strap, and heel.

    prada cloudbust sneaker

    Prada Cloudbust

    Prada is way more than the Cloudbust

    Founded in 1913 by Mario Prada, Milan’s fashion-house Prada has become one of the best ever. A leading label when it comes to luxury goods of sophisticated workmanship, at the least.

    Miuccia Prada (granddaughter of Mario Prada) joined the company later on adding even more creative talent and expertise like never seen before. Hence, setting new bars and avant-garde approaches and attracting global attention towards the brand.

    Her legacy continues as of today and displayed as per the above pictures. We can also state that Prada is often linked to the creation of new trends, just like the bulky and exaggerated midsoles.

    Some may argue that such statement may be a little bit overrated, but we think that makes a lot of sense. Go back a few years and check out all the trends that Prada has set.

    Almost none can be left out. After all, the high fashion label is not just all about futuristic designs and footwear.

    The brand produces men’s and women’s leather goods and travel accessories. They are also into clothing and eyewear, fragrance business as well as the mobile phone sector.

    As expected, each and every single item combines cutting-edge finesse with style. Just like this brand new footwear piece, in some way or another.

    All colors of the Prada Cloudbust sneaker currently available are selling for €570 (approximately US$690). The Prada Cloudbust are available to buy now at select stores like MatchesFashion, and Saks.

    Check out also the Cloudbust sneakers now at Prada’s online shop.