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Private White VC Twin Track Jacket

    private white vc twin track

    Private White VC release the Twin Track Jacket

    The Twin Track Jacket by Private White VC has all to do with leaving a trace, an eternal photographic memory of style. There are still garments such as this, hard to find. Still, Private White V.C. has managed to deliver a piece like that precisely.

    If it is all about the style, the fact is that being easy to wear is always an added value. Enter one of the critical features of this jacket, a 6cm front panel that can be added or removed from the front of it to better accommodate one’s additional clothing needs.

    Stylish waxed cotton outer; a couple of remarkably trendy copper zips and an irresistible adjustable belt (also with the copper details) make out the rest of this must-have for all weather during the temperate seasons.

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