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Product of New York City: The Return of Pony

    pony city wings

    PONY: Product of New York City

    PONY came to life during the early 70s in New York City, turning out to be one of the top brands worn by athletes in NBA, Football World Cup, and others. During the early 2000s, they tried to bring the brand back calling out for well-known celebrities like Justin Timberlake and Snoop Dogg, but it didn’t go that well.

    Over the years, PONY has tried very hard to make a proper come-back, however not much has happened. On the other hand, we feel that the brand is planning a bigger come back this time around. If you click here, you can keep up with the latest details.

    More about PONY

    Debuted in 1986 when Spud Webb, NBA’s shortest player of the time, defeated Dominique Wilkins to win the NBA Slam Dunk Competition, the City Wings Hi is one of the most distinct silhouettes of the brand. The M100 offers a distinct look on the court and on the streets. This hybrid shoe, in particular, will break some necks once on feet, that’s a guarantee.

    Released in 1975, the Topstar was originally named the “Starter”. This is a classic shoe from the brand. An original from 1982, characterizing early basketball days. This modern approach from the brand keeps its DNA intact altogether with a rubber toe for on-court protection.