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Raised by Wolves Winter Collection 2016

    Raised by Wolves Winter Collection

    Winter is here: Raised by Wolves 2016

    Winter in Canada is brutal. So, the country’s brands know a thing or two about preparing for the colder months.

    Raised By Wolves is no exception to that. The Raised By Wolves Winter collection is comparatively diverse in its offerings.

    When we look at similar brands’ winter releases, we can see very specific options. Mostly, we get to choose which weighty monochrome jackets we’d like.

    On the other end of that is a release of loud colors and fluff. Raised By Wolves takes a slightly different approach here.

    Of course, we see the necessarily insulated parka. But, we also get the option of some more expressive pieces, like a checkered sweatsuit combo.

    Other pieces of the Raised by Wolves Winter collection include gloves, sweaters, and even t-shirts. Check out the brand’s lookbook online.

    Raised by Wolves Winter Collection