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The Reebok Club C 85 Celebrates the “Year of the Ox”

    Reebok Club C-85 FY7510-03

    The Reebok Club C has become the Boston-based brand’s most iconic sneaker. The leather silhouette’s timeless shape, retro construction, and versatile appeal has propelled the sneaker through several decades. Returning in vintage ’85 form, the Club C is prepared to celebrate Chinese New Year in a special “Year of the Ox” colorway.


    In celebratory form, this iteration of the Reebok Club C sports a “Classic White/Pale Yellow/Golden Bronze” color pallet. The festive tongue features floral prints indicative of Chinese New Year iconography, while the insole displays additional intricate designs alluding to the new beginnings the Holiday celebrates. Elsewhere, the pair displays a neutral toned perforated leather upper and Reebok inscribed black heel. Underfoot, a yellow-tinted midsole atop a light brown outsole completes the design.

    This iteration of the Reebok Club C ’85 can be found at select retailers like Allike right now for $109 or €90. Take a look at official images below and continue to keep a tab open for Cult Edge to get all of your latest sneaker and culture updates.