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Reebok Sock Runner Ultraknit Colorways

    Reebok Sock Runner Ultraknit Colorways

    High Brow: Reebok Sock Runner Ultraknit Colorways

    These Reebok Sock Runner Ultraknit colorways arrive at a time when the brand begins to rethink its image. Specifically, Reebok looks to head in a more progressive direction.

    The Reebok Sock Runner is a very simple shoe in terms of its build. The upper is in a textile base while also carrying a woven exterior. Reebok’s Ultraknit material provides lightweight support as well breathability.

    The theme on this sneaker seems to be a unique ease for the wearer. In fact, it carries a laceless design, making for a slip-on fit.

    The midsole is fairly minimal as well. The sole unit is in a basic foam build, ensuring support without sacrificing lightweight feel. A tread rubber outsole also provides ample traction. Interestingly, the outsole does seem to be perfect for the gym floor.

    The higher profile of this model is a reflection of the brand’s evolution. Reebok’s Classics branch has been expanding into celebrity endorsements and new designs. This is an inevitable decision as the footwear industry goes away from performance.

    The current market for runners and trainers leans heavily towards high fashion and sharper silhouettes. Consequently, this makes the Sock Runner Reebok’s smarter course of action.

    For what it’s worth, the shoe even seems to take inspiration from VETEMENTS (some highlights of the brand’s collaboration with Reebok can be seen here) and Maison Margiela.

    Styling CrossFit

    Perhaps the most notable piece of subtlety here involves the shoe’s branding. The Reebok insignia here is the one seen on Reebok’s CrossFit performance shoes.

    Even the outsole resembles that of a weightlifter- friendly sneaker. When you add in the fact that the upper is both slip-on and boasts UltraKnit, it wasn’t hard to imagine this a training sneaker.

    But, it’s things like this that earn Reebok some respect in this regard. The shoe does, in fact, have some performance-like features, yet the theme is clearly fashion.

    Taking cues from the evolving industry around it, Reebok develops a sneaker that is easy on the eyes and could very well be a solid performer. The fact that the CrossFit equipment logo is the one Reebok chose to go with could mean something else.

    It’s very likely a sign of the brand’s willingness to rethink its entire strategy. That symbol has always stood for a wing of business that Reebok was never too keen on changing.

    Though a niche, Reebok seems to own that specific market sector. Whatever the case, it’s clear that these Reebok Sock Runner Ultraknit colorways are a sign of more to come.

    The model sports considerable design and a marketable aesthetic. The materials and slip-on build make it an easy go-to.

    Perhaps most importantly, it’s a look that the brand could really take advantage of. Though it isn’t certain these are meant for your morning workouts, they certainly pack a style punch.

    If nothing else, you definitely won’t go unnoticed.  Check out the pic above for a look at the Reebok Sock Runner on feet.

    Available now in a selection of colorways, you can find the Black, Grey, and Brown versions of this futuristic model available now.


    Image Credit (Featured): Titolo