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Reebok x Crossover by Joe Chia – The Shadow of Phantom Collection

    reebok x crossover by joe chia

    Malaysia’s fashion scene has always been something of an experimental ground for approaches. With nearby markets such as South Korea known for dabbling in varying fabrics and materials, Kuala Lumpur has more so been about a constant ideological evolution with regards to style.

    This latest collaboration between Reebok, Crossover and noted fashion designer Joe Chia is a banner dedicated to that spirit. Included in this release are the Reebok Instapump Fury, Casio G-Shock DW5600-E, and an oversized MA-1 Jacket.

    All the elements of Malaysia’s current style directions are there. The Instapumps see a utilitarian piece transformed into a rugged figure of high-grade Italian leather.

    The G-Shock model features geometric designs and a streamlined finish. Finally, the MA-1 jackets maintain the current fashion commodity of loose fits and somber tones.

    reebok x crossover by joe chia
    g-shock dw5600 e x crossover x reebok by joe chiareebok x crossover by joe chia ma-1 jacketreebok x crossover by joe chia ma-1 jacket