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From Vancouver to Los Angeles: Reigning Champ’s New Flagship

    reigning champ new store los angeles

    Reigning Champ new store in Los Angeles

    Reigning Champ is opening up a new store in La Brea, Los Angeles. Canada born and based, the label recently celebrated their 10th anniversary.

    Reigning Champ is known for their premium athletic wear. They are guided by a very simple, however profound code: Respect the details. Master simplicity.

    In addition, they design and develop signature fabrics, emphasizing rugged constructions and of course, delivering an unrivaled comfort. In fact, they may produce the most comfortable garments of all time.

    Canadians are pretty good at whatever they do. That’s a fact. Reigning Champ is no different, swiftly becoming one of the most esteemed clothing brands around the world, for obvious reasons.

    If you are looking for a classic yet functional design, high caliber fabrics and practical as well as prudent color options, Reigning Champ is for you.

    Reigning Champ: a story of 10 years

    reigning champ one decade anniversary

    With its very strong identity and straight out of Vancouver, Canada, the brand has been gathering loyal followers since they came to life, 10 years ago in 2007. They have kept their manufacture local, helping local business to grow.

    Apart from its benefits, as they can control everything that goes from the production line to the final customer, they have been involved in collaborative projects with footwear brands such as ASICS and adidas.

    Furthermore, even if you have never heard of Reigning Champ, we are pretty sure you have heard about Wings + Horns. Born right in between Tokyo and Vancouver, they stand out from the crowd due to their contemporary fashion approach.

    As much as Reigning Champ, each and every item is designed to balance rugged utility with considered simplicity. That’s one of the reasons why they are related.

    Nevertheless, we have good news for all the American followers. Unfortunately, Europe will have to wait a little bit more. Well, Europe will have to wait for an indefinite amount of time.

    What we mean is Reigning Champ shall open doors in Los Angeles in the near future, as per the announcement at their Twitter account. We love their concept so much that we even spoke to designer Kenta Goto, back in 2013.

    He is the lead designer at Reigning Champ, making sure that it all straddles between fashionable and practical clothing. Yet again – Respect the details. Master simplicity.

    You can find Reigning Champ apparel at their online shop and also at select stores like End Clothing.