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Rest In Peace, Gary Warnett

    gary warnett rest in peace

    Gary Warnett passed away

    Today, we woke up to some very sad news – OG Legend Gary Warnett passed away. Known for his love and extended knowledge when it comes to sneakers, he also loved hip-hop culture and VHS skate videos.

    His unbiased opinions, expertise, and comments were taken very seriously. In other words, he was considered by many, not that he needed that label or self-promotion, to be a true connoisseur.

    For all of us that follow the footwear industry, and it does not matter if you are a collector, an enthusiast or if you just found out about hype-shoes in 2016 when Boost was introduced, this man deserves, at least, maximum respect.

    For what he has done for the culture and for what he created throughout the years. At some stage, he worked beside Crooked Tongues, consulted for substantial footwear brands and was involved in writing editorials for publications around the world.

    There aren’t enough words to express how important he was, so you can find out more about him on his Instagram account or website. After all, it is the least you could do if you have never heard of him.

    He was a living legend and personally, even though I have never met him in person, I wish I did. The cause of his death is yet to be revealed, but we are truly sad that you are gone way too young.


    Rest In Peace, Gary.