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Sail Racing Pole Down Parkas

    sail racing pole down parka

    Style innovation with Sail Racing

    The Sail Racing Pole Down Parka is for sure one of the best and better-known outerwear pieces by Sail Racing. The Swedish label is all about style and all-weather ready pieces of clothing.

    Due to the greater quality of the brand, it’s not like there is a Sail Racing outlet around the corner. You can buy Sail Racing Parkas right now at premium select stores like Mr. Porter.

    Sail Racing: Quality since the 1970s

    Sail Racing arguably produces the toughest and most resilient jackets out there. Well, at least they are fully committed to doing so. After all, they have been around since the late 70s.

    Each and every single product is born and designed in the Sail Racing Design Lab where every function and on-body purpose is developed and optimized, allowing hardcore sailors to perform without fail and of course, never forgetting about value and aesthetics. In plain English, you pay for what you get.

    sail racing

    Image Credit: Sail Racing

    We expect no less from this Swedish brand. They may not be the most well known, especially if your hobby is to look at every single streetwear Instagram, but trust us, their building is rather immaculate.

    Sailing Racing is considered to be an innovative tech-wear clothing brand made for high sailing performance individuals and teams.

    Furthermore, Sail Racing is an official partner of the Oracle Team USA. That same team currently holds America’s Cup trophy. To give you some kind of perspective, when it comes to sailing, that’s like winning the Champions League in football.

    Oracle, on the other hand, is a global provider of enterprise cloud computing always on a journey of digital transformation. Just like Sail Racing, Oracle provides and delivers cutting-edge capabilities, however in software. That’s what sets them apart.

    We decided to break down to two choices, you know, as the cold weather is no longer around the corner. It actually has already arrived. For once, we have to separate and strip down topics on these Pole Down Parkas.

    Sail Racing: Style and weather protection combined

    sail racing pole down parka

    Firstly, you may purchase a more affordable item. Dubbed the Race Primaloft ECO-Padded Shell Hooded Parka, this particular item is made for the fiercest of sailors. Due to its specs, this navy “Race” shell parka is reliable and will be able to withstand the roughest of conditions.

    While details are seen on the chest zipped pocket, front flap pockets and internal compartments, due to its simplicity and clean design, you can wear it on deck as well as on dry land.

    However, if you wish to spend a little bit more…that’s right – we’ve got your back. The Pole Down GORE-Tex® Down Parka is built with ace insulation assets due to its two-way GORE-Tex® layers.

    As expected, this Down Parka bears any weather conditions. Its down-filled padding is responsibly sourced and you may be able to track it down. You read it right. You will be given an ID and after you log in at, you shall be able to ensure its sustainable 90% down (duck) construction. Quite impressive, is it not?

    Sail Racing Pole Down Parka

    Sail Racing Pole Down Parka

    At the same time, this fully lined Pole Down Parka will be delivered with Velcro®-fastening cuffs and two front zip pockets. For last but not least, the brand assures that such high-sea garment will last for years to come. In fact, you may consider it as an investment.

    If you are looking for something that stands out and of course, that is not a TFN jacket, this is your go-to option, no doubt. Now that we have given you all the information you need to know, head over to Mr. Porter and get your  Sail Racing Race Primaloft ECO-Padded Shell Hooded Parka or, as mentioned above, the Sail Racing Pole Down GORE-Tex® Down Parka.