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Saint Laurent Heavy Wool Teddy Jacket

    Saint Laurent Heavy Wool Teddy Jacket

    Saint Laurent Teddy Jacket Available Now

    It doesn’t get much cleaner than Saint Laurent. We haven’t quite left the warmer months yet, but it’s never too early to get ready for the cold. This time, the high-end Parisian outfitters give us something with a little more Italian flavor. Here’s a look at the Saint Laurent Heavy Wool Teddy Jacket.

    The look of this piece is rather unassuming, which is the case with most pieces of heavy outerwear. But, it’s a closer look that reveals what really catches your attention. If you are a fan of teddy jackets and of the letterman jacket, make sure to check out here the best varsity jackets available to buy now.

    What we see here is a virgin wool blend making up the majority of the exterior. Throwing this thing on will feel like a breeze thanks to the silk linings. We get some more premium touches via leather accents on the sleeves. Made entirely in Italy, this is the perfect piece for that grown man, “when you got it, you got it” sort of look.

    After all, quality doesn’t need flexing. Check out this jacket right now, in both Black and Khaki, over at END.