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Saucony Originals Irish Coffee Pack

saucony originals irish coffee pack

Saucony celebrates the art of Irish Coffee

Saucony Originals recently launched a true tribute to Irish Coffee with the obviously titled ‘Irish Coffee Pack’. Saucony’s Shadow 6000, an original launched in 1988, was the model selected to be the main character.

It is the acclamation of a drink that has gone a long way since its invention by Joe Sheridan back in 1943. All three versions of the shoe come with a superior buttery suede upper, presented in three different colors, black to go along with the Coffee, dark yellow to go with the whiskey and finally off-white to match the cream.

The Irish Coffee Pack by Saucony Originals is now available from all key Saucony Originals retailers.

saucony originals irish coffee packsaucony originals irish coffee packsaucony originals irish coffee pack